Cambridge Leisure and Ice Centre (CLIC) is an independent organisation, whose trustees come from local communities and businesses as well as academic circles.

It is a limited company with charitable status.

Since David Gattiker donated £1m in the early ’90s (today worth almost £3m) for the creation of a permanent ice rink for Cambridge, we’ve been looking for a viable site and affordable building solution. A couple of years ago we appointed specialist ice rink developer Cool Venues Ltd to help us find a site on which their ice rink product could be located.

In recent times, additional donations have been pledged and funding contributions negotiated.

In garnering public support for ice activities, we sponsor the temporary ice rink on Parker’s Piece. The 3,000+ visitors that enjoyed its opening weekend this year are an indication of the substantial demand for ice-sports in the city.

CLIC will own the proposed, new venue and lease it to an operator. Surplus rent will be invested in ice-related educational experiences and sport development, as well as re-invested in the venue.

We at CLIC want to make sure the Cambridge Ice Arena works for everyone in Cambridge. That’s why we want your view on how it could work for you.  Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think of idea of a new, permanent rink in the city.

Key Contacts

Prof. Bill Harris (Chair)
Robert Culshaw
David Henry
Graeme Menzies
Sian Reid
Archie Campbell

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